3 Alternative Uses For Storage Units Most Consumers Never Consider

When you consider renting a storage unit at a facility like Security Self Storage, what is it that comes to mind? If you are like most consumers, you will think of using storage units only when you are temporarily between houses or you need to declutter the garage or your home. However, there are far more uses for the average storage unit than most average consumers will ever consider. The fact is storage units can be pretty versatile things to have around when it comes down to it. Check out this quirky list of self storage unit uses you may eventually need to recall.

Use a storage unit to start your own business. 

Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur of some type? If so, it is a good idea to consider just how the basic storage unit could help you out with your endeavors. There is no need to crowd up your own home and garage with small business related items. You could use a local storage unit to:

  • stock inventory for an online shop
  • store tools for a small handyman business
  • temporarily store used furniture that you plan to resale
  • collect business supplies until you get everything you need to start your business

Use a storage unit for a private writing space. 

If you are a writer and have a household full of family members, chances are, you have considered renting an office space in town just so you can have your own serene space to work on your craft. Why not just rent a storage unit instead? You could stock it just like you would a typical office space, with a desk, lamp, and computer. Now some storage facilities may have rules against this, but there are actually others that encourage such practices and even have climate-controlled units with electricity and lighting. 

Use a storage unit as a portrait studio. 

Creating perfected portraits as a photographer is all about having the right space and backdrops that is free from outlying interference. A storage unit is actually the ideal space. Blocked off from sunlight and quiet, these spaces can work well for photographers looking for a nice rentable space to offer their services. Of course, you will need to check with the facility manager to ensure operating this kind of business in a unit is okay, but most will not have a problem with you using the unit for photography sessions.